Friday, July 22, 2011

Even Kitties Get the Blues

Top Ten Causes of Clinical Depression in Cats

10.  Sub-standard tuna harvest

9.  Losing the Hairball-That-Most-Resembles-Richard-Nixon contest

8.  Having two new bells attached to your collar

7.  The dog ate your new catnip mouse

6.  Catnip dealer busted.

5.  Human buying the same brand of cat food you liked last week and hate now

4.  Being dive-bombed by the neighborhood mockingbird

3.  Flea medication time

2.  Having dreadlocks and not being a Rastafarian cat

1.  Getting caught walking across the pan of brownies

Even Kitties Get the Blues necklace is up for auction here.

Add your entry to the Even Kitties get the Blues contest here.

1 comment:

  1. Love the necklace, and the walking across the pan of brownies. Sounds like a certain cat I know!
    A bad cat day is when the adorable, but jumpy, yippy and needy dog comes to visit. Not a welcome guest for any cat with any sense of pride.