Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Famous Gray Cats in History

In the beginning, there was Bastet, protector goddesss of lower Egypt.

Then came assorted grimalkins...

...and graymalkins...

...Scottish faery cats who dwelt in the highlands, and cats who were witch's familiars.

There was Theodore Roosevelt's six-toed gray cat,

legendary gray cats in games,

and legendary Disney cats whose images will not be shown for fear of copyright infringement.

To honor those cats, we have the Great Gray Cats in History bracelet...

...and earrings.

Dracula thanks you for your kind attention and now wishes to remain in seclusion.

Bracelet and earrings can be found here. (Dracula can be found in the closet.)


  1. LOL you crack me up that was awesome, the cat pics were create and Dracula looks a little miffed. The bracelete was adorable too!

  2. Poor Drac is often a little miffed. Thanks, Mandy!