Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Chicken Who Laid the Golden Egg

You've all heard the tale of the goose who laid the golden egg, and even the bird who laid the blue eggs.

This, however, is the chicken who laid the golden eggs.  (She's a distant relative of the aforementioned goose, but they never actually met.)

At one time she was held captive by the Giant who lived in the beanstalk.

But then it was Jack-to-the-Rescue.  At least, that's the way Jack told it.  The chicken thought it involved a bit of petty thievery, but it did get her away from the Giant, for which she was grateful.

She was so traumatized that, for a while, she didn't lay any eggs.  But eventually she got back on her feet.  After a brief stay with Jack and his mother, she moved out, anxious to be on her own.  She did quite well in the jewelry district and eventually built up a nice little nest egg.

With that, she opened a cage-free cruelty-free chicken ranch, where chickens were free to roam and peck and cluck and get their feathers ruffled.

She taught classes on golden egg laying so more chickens could be self sufficient.

She also taught a self defense class.  

"You never know when you'll meet up with a Giant," she always cautioned.

This replica of her, in lampwork glass, can be found on etsy.  The bead was created by Lauren Bramble of Crowbirdie beads.  She never met a chicken she didn't like.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Hopping with Mismatched Earrings

I love mismatched earrings and I love art beads, so when I heard about this exchange and blog hop, I, of course, had to sign up.

My partner is the extremely talented Shelby Foxwell of Sundown Bead Designs. She does magnificent metalwork.  

She made me these earrings, which I adore.

She wire-wrapped the beads (which were made by Vortex Glassworks) to hammered brass...

...and added some twists and swirls all her own.

I've worn them several times already, and they look perfect with greens, blues, and even neutral tones.

Hop along the blogging trail below to see what other creations the Beaderazzi have created.

(When you get to the ones I made for Shelby, I must  mention that the beads I used were made by Linda of LampworkBeadsbyLinda on etsy and tintop on eBay.

Now hop along.  Treasures await!

Lisa Liddy http://www.lisaliddy.wordpress.com

Charlene Jacka  http://clay-space.com/blog

Eleanor Burian-Mohr  http://www.cornerstoregoddessjewelry.blogspot.com (you are here)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's on Your Bead Table or Building a Well Behaved Cat

Grateful Artist Lisa Lodge, of Pine Ridge Treasures, had a brilliant idea for a blog hop.  Take a bag of treasures from her bead table and create.

Her rules stated that you should not buy extra piece for your piece.  If you needed more beads, draw from your own bead table.  I have been banned from actually showing my bead table... which has more than enough for 50 or 60 pieces. but I didn't go there.  Instead I stuck to my Lisa bag, which was full of goodies, as you can see.

And while I could see one of y jam-packed charmed bracelets easily emerging from her treasures, I decided to pursue a different path.  The Road Not Taken, to quote Robert Frost.

(Works well with the bead colors, doesn't it?)

Two beads leaped out at me.  Those who know me can easily determine which those were.

Yep.  Two kitty heads.

A while back the talented Tanya Boden sent me a beaded skeleton that so inspired me that, of late I've been playing around making Frankenstein's Monster, and Pumpkin Headed Creatures, and Mummies, so I thought... why not make a cat?

I started with the head, which I set off with the rondelle shaped beadies.  Isn't she pretty?

I got kind of carried away with the neck, because there were so many fun beads to play with,  So Kitty ended up with a very long neck and some elegantly waving arms.

At this point, I decided she was the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn... which got me humming "Moon River."

Next came Audrey's torso. A double-drilled bead works best for the torso, but those are hard to find... even on my overflowing bead table.  So I went with a single-drilled bead.  I chose this magnificently swirly bead.

Then of course I needed arms, with some Hepburn-appropriate paws. And some nice long legs...

And, of course, a divinely elegant (and twisty) tail.

 Voila!  Audrey Hepburn Kitty.


I was going to make a friend for her, but didn't have quite enough leftover beads for the job.  So she'll have to go somewhere where she'll get plenty of attention... like perhaps your home.

Audrey Hepburn Kitty is going free to a good home.  Would you like her?  She's litter-box trained and doesn't shed.  

To win her, all you have to do is leave a comment saying you want Audrey, and become a Follower on my blog.  If you're already a Follower, just say so in your comment.  And, of course, visit some stops along the Blog Hop.  You'll find the path below, and there will be all sorts of treasures to see... but probably no other Audrey Hepburn Kitties. 

All together now... "Moon River, wider than a mile... " ♪♫

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skulls' Night Out

Six skulls were sitting around the graveyard one night, playing poker, and bemoaning the things they had neglected to do and be during their skull careers.

"I was never in a production of Hamlet," lamented one.  "I could have been a contender, instead of a dusty old poker playing skull, which is what I am."

"And I should have been a Grateful Dead skull," complained another.  "Talk about the good life...  Get yourself an old VW van, paint it with flowers, and follow the band around the country.  That's what I should have done."

"Not me," said the third.  "I should have gone in for the pirate's life.  Sure, I know all the lyrics to A Pirate's Life for Me, but, at the time,  it never occurred to me that I would eventually become a symbol for all things pirate.  I wasted the best years of my death!"

"You think you wasted your death?!" retorted the fourth.  "I should have been a biker tattoo for some guy on a big ol' Harley.  I could have hung out on his meaty forearm, defying death...even though I'm like, well... dead."

"Aw, you're all full of dust," remarked the fifth.  "If I had it to do all over again, I'd get on the Día de los Muertos bandwagon.  Be one of those skulls everyone wants  Hang out with all the other skulls.  Everyone brings your flowers and food and presents.

The sixth skull looked at the others through hollow eyes, and then weighed in. "The ultimate," the sixth skull stated, "would be to be the symbol on a poison bottle.  Think about it.  Universally understood, striking fear into the hearts of men everywhere.  A cameo part in It's a Wonderful Life.  Death doesn't get any better than that, my friends."

The skulls sighed, as one, each sure of wasting early years of skullishness.  The first skull absent-minded set down the poker cards and rubbed a nearby tombstone.  Suddenly, in a  flash of light, the Fair Godmother of Skulls appeared.  "I am your Fairy Godmother," she said, "And I am here to grant you one wish."

The skulls started to clamor:

"Keep on truckin'"

"Feliz Dia de los Muertos!"

" Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door!"

"Live to ride; ride to live!"

"We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot.  Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!"

"Alas, poor Yorick!"

"Do not induce vomiting!"

"Hold it right there," said the Fairy Godmother.  I didn't mean you each get a wish.  You get one wish for all of you."

The skulls started to confer, then argue, then argue heatedly.  It was only a matter of time before they began to bang heads.  The Fairy Godmother, having seen this behavior before, stepped between them, stopping them instantly.

"Surely there's something all of you wanted to do once upon a time."

They stopped, silenced by her words.  They thought and thought and thought.  But they'd been sitting around the graveyard so long, playing poker and acting tough, that they could no longer remember what they'd missed.  And so their Fairy Godmother decided for them.

"Sure, you could have been tattoos, or symbols... or even pieces of a shrine.  But, really, all that is highly overrated.  When's the last time you had a night out?"

The skulls looked puzzled.

"You know," she said. "Dressing up?  A nice dinner, a show, cocktails, dancing?  What do you say?"

It sounded like the most fun any of the skulls had ever had.  "Then that shall be your wish!" said the Fairy Godmother.  "Go polish your parietal plates and get out your BrightandShinyThings.  You're going out for a night on the town."

And so they found their pearls and their crystals and they sparkled and they glittered.  The skulls got all dolled up and, for one perfect night, they partied like skulls they'd only watched in old films.

And every night after that, when they played Texas Hold 'Em, they remembered that lovely night.  And then they went back to arguing about poison and Harleys and head banging.

And they all died happily ever after.

Day of the Dead on etsy
Day of the Dead on eBay

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There are Three Things I Have Learned Never to Discuss with People:

and the Great Pumpkin.
~ Linus Van Pelt

Your very own Great Pumpkins