Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Skeleton of Hearts

The skeleton of hearts, he made some tarts,
All on a winter's day.
And then he stole and stole some more
Until he'd a buffet,

The Skeleton of Hearts gave back the tarts;
They filled him with dismay.
"Instead of tarts, some body parts
Would better make my day."

The Skeleton of Hearts set out to start
A harvesting foray.
The first he took... it had to smart,
But soon he found a way...

...To quickly make a heart depart
From its unwilling donor.
And soon the Skeleton of Hearts
Was that new organ's owner.

But one heart just was not enough,
Nor were three hearts or four.
The Skeleton of Hearts kept stealing,
Always wanting more.

Just for now, he's locked up tight;
Your heart is safe today.
But look out for the Skeleton
On heart-filled holiday.

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