Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Surefire Ways to Be Safe at Sea

Planning a cruise? A boating adventure?  A triathlon? Don't worry.  Here are some good luck omens for the briny deep.

1.  Dolphins swimming with the ship are a sign of good luck.

Dolphins are considered a sacred friend of fishermen, they have the good fortunes of man in mind and their presence indicates that you are under their protection.

2.  Black cats are considered good luck and will bring a sailor home from the sea.

While black is the color of death, and black bags or clothing are harbingers of doom, black cats are considered lucky on the sea. 

3.  Doves seen at sea are a good sign.

Doves are a land based bird and seeing them at sea implies that land is near and your prospects are clear.

4.  Seeing a sea turtle swimming alongside the ship is a sign of good luck.

The Sea Turtle, or Honu, is one of the oldest species in the world and because of that every culture seems to have a history that includes them. Even more special is that the theme around the Sea Turtle is always a positive one; the sea turtle is the ultimate navigator.  In addition, he is said to being prosperity, good luck, wisdom, and longevity.

5.  Chalcedony provides protection against drowning. 

Chalcedony combats negative magic of all kinds. It has the power to inspire confidence, soothing depression and a troubled mind, and ease bad dreams. As a symbol of the moon, it has strong connections to water, and can be used as a protection against drowning. Travelers will also benefit from the stone, especially if they travel over water.  

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A dog seen near fishing tackle is considered bad luck.

 So keep the dog separate from your Fishin' Magician.

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