Friday, November 25, 2011

Why My Kitties are Not Good Christmas Kitties

They use the tree as a scratching post.

They eat wrapping paper, and have a fondness for the flavor of ribbon.

Edible gifts beneath the tree must be torn open and explored.

Blown glass Christmas balls make cool roll-y toys.

Water in the tree's dish is tastier than their own.

Batting at dangling ornaments passes the time nicely.

Christmas stockings were meant to be napped and shed upon.

Small ornaments can be dropped down the floor heater.

They drink Santa's glass of milk and give Santa's cookie to the dog.


Though they deny it, one of them pooped in the fireplace.

This did not stop them from asking for catnip, laser pointers, and a box of See's Mouse Heads for Christmas.
 Good Christmas kitties can be found in my eBay Christmas store and my etsy Christmas store.
 Now tell me why your kitties are not good Christmas kitties.


  1. Durango once climbed up to the top of the Christmas tree, sending it crashing to the floor, tinsel, glass ornaments, star and all.

  2. No bad kitties here.....but I received the Holly earrings and they are fabulous!! Eleanor, you really caught the sparkle and charm of the holiday Holly! And, I love the silver detail on the wrapped berries. They are really fabulous, and a must for the winter/festive season! Thanks!!

  3. Wow, Durango takes the cake as the bad Christmas kitty! I have two kitties CK (Criminal Kitty) and her Sista'. Sista is basically a Norman Rockwell kitty. She curls up and looks beautiful. CK on the other hand is all criminal. She eats any plastic and other things that make her sick. She was feeding on the fabric on the bottom of the living room furniture like it was cocaine, and then got very sick. There must have been some chemical in the fabric that attracted her, but it made her deathly ill. I had to stuff every pillow and all the books I had under the furniture until I could buy plain cotton sheets to recover the bottom of the furniture. She eats any plants and flowers, so we have not had a tree with CK. I tried a fake little table top tree this year with long "pine like" branches to hang a few little ornaments. It took CK 30 seconds to try and eat the back it went. So CK has not destroyed Christmas......because there is NO Christmas here, except needlepoint pillows, and needlepoint ornaments I hang on cabinet knobs and a needlepoint tree, and stocking. All packages are put into closed paper bags until they are ready to deliver, or open, unless they have no ribbons or toys hanging from them. But, CK is well worth the sacrifice as she is so cute and loving, and we do have lots of Holiday spirit here!! :)