Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Halloween Give It Forward Clock

A while back, talented artist and fellow Hive member Sheryl Parsons ( hosted a Give It Forward Event.  A year earlier, she was the recipient of this beautiful clock, hand painted by Terrye French of The Painted Pear Basket.

Sheryl got the clock through a Give It Forward event hosted by Lori Davis of Vintage Palette Art, an accomplished folk artist

When the year was over, Sheryl staged a Give It Forward event, and this time I was the lucky winner.  The clock came to its new home, where it will stay for a year.

Next year, on Halloween night, at midnight, it will move on to a new home, but for now it sits in a place of honor in my home.

In addition, there was a scroll, and on the scroll were messages from all who have hosted the clock.

The clock also has a "secret" compartment into which the last host can tuck a gift for the new host.  Sheryl, knowing my fondness not only for Halloween, but for cats, and black cats, jewelry, and all things magical, created a necklace for me.

It, of course, has a black cat.

Next year, who knows who the lucky recipient will be... or what the secret gift will be.

But it is sure to be something magical.

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  1. What a lovely tradition. You are blessed with such good friends. I love the black cat, and how lucky for you to have the grand clock. Bravo to all!