Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Haunted Christmas Tree Forest

This is the haunted Christmas tree forest ~ the place where and ghosts and spirits gather on cold long winter nights.

They decorate the trees of the forest with snowflakes and icicles, then dust them with frost.

Many think the sound they hear is the winter wind blowing but it is, in fact, the carols of the sprits, sung around the glowing trees.

They sing of Christmases long past and ponder who will join them for next year's celebration.

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Future, and Christmas Present are always there.

Then, as the winds die down, all the spirits return to their secret haunts to celebrate in their own way.

Listen carefully and you may hear them this holiday season.

A bracelet of sterling silver, with a sterling silver Christmas tree charm, lampwork glass ghosts and skulls, flowers, trees and Christmas bells of pressed glass and crystal, each wire wrapped with sterling silver wire.  The bracelet has an inside diameter of approximately 7".

Cost is $99.  Shipping is free within the US and Canada.  For shipping elsewhere, please inquire by leaving a comment.

Available on etsy, or by messaging me.

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