Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why Leaves Change Color, as Explained by Cornerstoregoddess

by Cornerstoregoddess

Tree leaves are jammed with chlorophyll
Until long nights restore a chill.
Chlorophyll keeps leaves their greenest
But without sun, greening's leanest.

Also inside each green leaf
Are pigments with names less than brief.
Like this one: Anthocyanins ~
(It's leaf color vitamins).

Carotenoids reside inside
But Chlorophyll makes pigments hide.

So when the Chlorophyll stops pumping
These two pigments get to jumping.

Anthocyanins, et al
Bring red colors to the fall
Carotenoids and their fellows
Make the oranges and yellows.

And leaves that once were deepest green
Redress and prep for their next scene.

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  1. I just had some of your fall leaves on yesterday! And, as always was greeted with many compliments. :)

  2. These are almost as beautiful as the real leaves - you captured fall perfectly!
    Leah Marie