Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Return of Witchy Wilma

Dame Wilma was a wondrous witch,
As wily as could be
But when it came to spells and such
In class, she earned a D.

She couldn't deal with eye of newt.
A frog's toe made her quiver.
Her cackling just was not off-key
And broomsticks made her shiver.

So when she went out on her own
To curse and cast her spells
She couldn't turn a prince to frog
Or make a brew that smells.

At last one day, two bats appeared
Her failures, they would banish.
They'd help her with her spells and then
Make her detractors vanish.

They called for aid from three small ghosts
(Named Manny, Mo, and Jack).
And then the five debated
The best means for their attack.

So with a brew of pumpkin and
A dash of candy corn
And much incessant chanting
They stayed up from night 'til morn.

At last, when day was breaking,
When the gloom of night had lifted
To inept Dame Wilma
A new spell they made and gifted.

And with the spell Dame Wilma could
Invoke all forces natural,
Make creatures do her bidding --
A conclusion satisfactual.

"But what was in this spell of yours?"
Dame Wilma had to query.
"A touch of this, a tad of that...
Ingredients ordinary."

"We simply added everything,"
Explained the Ghost-Bat Team,

"This always is essential:
Garlic, wine, and self-esteem."

Dame Wilma's Witchy necklace here.

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  1. Dame Wilma sounds like me in the kitchen!! I love these long necklaces. They are great long, or looped around my neck. Either way very fun an fanciful. Thanks