Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dance of the Hippos

 You can find my hippo charms on etsy and eBay.

(Finding dancing hippos is a little harder.)


  1. These are soo cute and thanks for that video. Could a little hippo be any happier! So sweet. And, may I say I adore your gold stone charms. They are even cuter in person! Thanks

  2. Eleanor,
    I enjoy your humor, and appreciate
    that your art makes the world a little
    more colorful and interesting!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    A "little" hippo that can dance!
    Her grace I'd like to model.
    But overweight and under trained,
    The best I'd do is waddle! :cD
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    For a tongue-in-cheek hippo dance: