Saturday, September 24, 2011

There's a Witch Outside My Window

by Kenn Nesbitt

There's a witch outside my window and she will not go away.
There's a gremlin on my doorstep and I think he's there to stay.

There's a troll demanding candy and a mummy wanting sweets.
There's a ghost, a ghoul, a goblin and they're clamoring for treats.

And as if that weren't enough to be considered rather shocking.
A vampire rang my doorbell and the bogeyman is knocking.

My abode is now surrounded by the recently deceased,
They're in search of gum and chocolate on which they plan to feast.

It's the strangest situtation that I think I've ever seen.
How I wish they'd go away and just come back on Halloween.

The witch outside the sindow bracelet is up for auction on eBay this week. 


  1. My auction bracelet is adorable and I must admit I have already worn it to jump start the fall and many compliments!! They are soo cute.

  2. Oh these are so cute!!! I wil have to check them out!!

  3. **¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**¨¨**
    After viewing your amusing ghost and Halloween jewelry, and reading your 9/18/11 ghost blog, I had an idea for a poem. However, it's rather intimidating to share an amateur effort after reading Kenn Nesbitt's wonderfully clever Halloween poetry! Nevertheless, since you encourage fun and participation, I'll jump into your blogosphere with both feet!

    by S. Wentworth

    In October I can boast
    that in my house there lives a ghost!
    For many months it makes no sound,
    one can't be sure that he's around.

    But autumn always draws that fellow
    when leaves of green turn brown and yellow.
    Then, shivers running down my back,
    I know my little "Casper's" back!

    One would think a ghosties sight
    would cause a major terror fright!
    But this one is so very meek,
    he's not at all a graveyard freak.

    Spook, in fact, is rather shy,
    hides when ghoulies pass him by.
    Likes, it seems, small angels, sweet --
    those with little sparkly feet!

    He mostly flutters with delight
    when trick-or-treaters come at night;
    But makes the most gosh awful sound
    when things of terror come around!

    You want to see this apparition?
    Just remember this condition:
    Visit us as someone nice,
    then little ghost you might entice.

    No Freddy Krueger or Darth Vader,
    no Pinhead, sadist in "Hellraiser!"
    Not Jason in his hockey mask
    or Chucky taking all to task.

    Please come with wings like Tinker Bell,
    or Ariel with mermaid tail;
    In outfits that won't give a fright,
    maybe Belle or sweet Snow White.

    Some will leave with this conclusion:
    that they've seen a small illusion;
    Something "neat" -- no "thing" to fear,
    perhaps they'll come on back next year!