Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something Gorey This Way Comes

One of the EHAG creative challenges this month was to create a piece relating to Edward Gorey. For those who are not familiar with the Prince of the Macabre, Gorey was an American writer and artist with a taste for the bizarre and dark side. He wrote over 100 books. According to Wikipedia: “He was noted for his fondness for ballet (for many years, he religiously attended all performances of the New York City Ballet), fur coats, tennis shoes, and cats, of which he had many. All figure prominently in his work.”

Here are two examples of his illustrations.



My follow EHAG-ers came up with some spectacular works works. From the amazing Chris Klingler, AKA SpOOky CK:

"Peek-A-Boo" ~ Postcard


"Needful Things" ~ Postcard

PhotobucketArtist / Owner: Christopher Klingler / Designs By CK



Melissa Valeriote created an Edward Gorey sculpture.


And Laurie of MonkeyCats Studio painted this:


Monkey-Cats Studio


This one just in from Leah Humberston of Leah's Folk Art:


What’s a poor beader to do? I don’t sculpt or draw or paint. Chris bought me an Edward Gorey necklace, with a cat hanging upside down, and you know how I am with charms. I just have to use them. But I didn’t want to pillage a necklace from my sweetie.

So I painted with beads, instead. I made a bracelet and earrings in an Edward Gorey color scheme, using gemstones in shades of gray and white, with just a splash of red: moonstones, agate, jasper, hematite, onyx, zebra stone…

Shades of Edward Gorey

Shades of Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey earrings

It’s right here.

I think they would have made perfect accessories for a Gorey character.


Don’t you think the one in front needs a bracelet??

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  1. Hi Eleanor ~ Wonderful post & Gorey challenge pieces that you made too! Thanks.

    Have a great week!

    PS: I'm now one of your "fans!" '-)