Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Parrots Were Harmed in the Making of This Necklace

Another fine walk around Echo Park Lake with Esmeralda, the World’s Most Fearful (and Skunk-Loving) Dog. Being gluten-free, it’s hard to rustle up breadcrumbs for the birds, so we brought some rice cracker crumbs for them, instead.

The last time we tried feeding the Mama Coot and Baby Coot, Baby Coot had a lot of trouble wrangling a rice cracker chip, and usually Mama would snatch it away from him and eat it herself. But Baby Coots grow up, and get smarter.

This time, Baby Coot gobbled up the tidbits. When Mama got one, he’d swim up and eat it right out of her mouth.

coots,Esmeralda,Echo Park Lake

We didn’t see any of the blue herons, but this brown heron was hanging out, looking none too pleased with life.

Echo Park Lake,heron

This parrot, on the other hand, looks very pleased. He’s hanging out not at Echo Park Lake, but in my ebay store (


I’ve been experimenting with combining elements for the “chain” of the necklace, and really like the look and diversity of the elements here. There’s some vintage Czech glass, some artisan lampwork (including the parrot), a touch of millefiore, some cat’s eye… everything but the kitchen sink, and only because I haven’t cut that up and drilled it into beads. Yet.


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