Monday, June 15, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose… and Heron

Another gray morning. It seems this June gloom will never lift, though we did see some blue sky yesterday afternoon. I was hoping for warmth because the dogs needs baths before I Advantage them, but today, again, seemed a poor choice.

It was, however, a perfect morning for a long walk, and we took Esmeralda for a favorite jaunt, down to Echo Park, around the lake, and back again. After these 5 mile strolls she is much better behaved, and the squirrels and cats get a little bit of a rest when she gets home.

So off we went, with biodegradable poop bags, a camera, cell phone, rice cracker crumbs, and layers of clothing.

Apparently it wasn’t a good morning, because I got flat out rejection from at least the first 10 people to whom I said “Good morning!” Chris, mercifully, didn’t keep count for me.

Esmeralda thought it was a good morning. There were so many birds to see. The Canadian Geese were everywhere, by land…

Canadian geese

By shore…

Candian Geese

And by water…

Canadian geese

Last week’s baby coot was bigger and enjoyed the rice cracker corner that his mother left him. (Aren’t they supposed to be protective of their young??)

There were plenty of ducks and baby ducklings.


Here’s a mother and son reunion, perhaps.

Mother and child reunion

Perhaps the coolest was this heron (posing behind the seagull). Right after this shot, he took off and soared across the lake.


And of course, Our Lady of the Lake needed a bird worshipper, too.

Lady of the Lake

Though the colors are a different palette, I made a bracelet with birds and butterflies for the end of spring. It’s on etsy at




The birds on the bracelet will not take off and fly across the lake. Honest.

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