Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skunk Update from Echo Park

Last night there was the requisite thumping, clanging, squeaking, and scrambling on the front porch and when we went to peek we saw… FOUR skunk babies. They are not particularly shy. They are particularly hungry, and dig into that max cat like they hadn’t eaten in weeks. I know for a fact that they ate about a pound of it yesterday and the day before, and the neighbor’s yard is all dug up with the skunks’ grub quest.

I don’t yet have pictures of all four, but we got some better shots of the three babies, with Mama hiding behind the water bottles.

Here are Lester and Chester sharing a meal:


Lester, Chester, and Sylvester:


Sylvester at a table for one:


Lester, Chester, and Sylvester… but what shall we name Skunk 4??


If she appears with a scarlet A on her chest, we can call her Hester.

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