Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it Halloween Yet?

I have a theory that it’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween. It gives me an excuse to buy bat wings for the cats and devil horns for the dogs.

Of course, the pumpkins are just starting to be little sprouts. They’re not even funny little green guys yet.


And there’s no candy corn tempting you at the grocery store check out…

candy corn

…or bags of spider webbing and bizarre decorations in DayGlo colors. And how about those plastic pumpkins with the handles? I need one of those for my car right now! They make nifty trash cans.

To overcome that Halloween void and help ease us into The Greatest Season of All, I’ve been starting some Halloween jewelry. Yeah, I know… Call me obsessed.

A pumpkin patch bracelet:


A pumpkin patch necklace:


Pumpkin earrings:


(Go ahead and say it. These pumpkins have gone to seed.)

Candy corn earrings:

candy corn earrings

And a candy corn bracelet:


Join me in my obsession. It looks better when there are more of us. It’s all at

Oh yeah. I also made a slide show:

Me, obsessed? Nope. Not at all.

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