Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Cats Go to Heaven?

If all cats go to heaven, what’s it like there? Are the streets lined with tuna? Are there fences of doggie noses, just for swatting? Does cat food come with just the gravy part that sticks in the can? Can you catch birds and then let them go (because, face it, birds taste yucky with the feathers still on)? Do lizards re-grow their tails to make them easier to catch over and over again? Do kitty dreadlocks magically untangle themselves?

All that and more, I’m sure. We can ask Phono. She’s up there, stalking yummy crunchy mousies. (She’s pictured here with her sister, Rhino, who is still among us.)


So I made a bracelet with some of the features available for cats when they go to heaven.

kitty heaven

kitty heaven

kitty heaven

“All Cats Go to Heaven,” in my eBay store:

It'll have to do, until Phono gets back to us with some particulars.

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