Monday, June 8, 2009

Dodger Stadium, Can You Hear Me Now?

We live close to Dodger Stadium. How close? Well, not so close that, during a game, due to the traffic, we can’t actually go home. We’re another hill over. There are advantages and disadvantages to all this. Advantages? When they do fireworks, we can see the high ones from our deck. Disadvantages: when they do fireworks, we can hear them all from the bedroom, with the AC on and pillows pulled over our heads.

And when Madonna was there? Don’t even ask. The entire house was vibrating from the sound… at 1 AM. Pictures were actually rattling on the walls.

But they put on a great fireworks display. I tried to capture a silent version in a bracelet and earrings.




The flash without the boom.

I also played around with some red, white, and blue beads. I was making flowers for my peace doves and started to wonder how many flowers I could actually fit on a bracelet. Three hours later I had a fairly definitive answer. Lots. Take a look.


Independence Day and peace doves

Gilda helped me photograph the earrings,

a cat's eye view of the red, white and blue

She wandered off when she saw these. Probably looking for peace doves on the hill.

4th of July

They’re all in my ebay store, or feebay store, as I heard it called today. Sing along, everyone: And the fees go on…


  1. Great Blog and pieces. Beautiful bracelets!
    I love fireworks, but not when I am sleeping!

  2. Then you would have HATED the Madonna concert!

    Thanks, Marie.