Thursday, May 31, 2012

How the Great Badini Became the Great Skeletini

There was a dancer named Badini
Who'd dance as he sipped a martini
To tangos and cha-chas, mambo and fandango
While dining on cav'ar and blini.

He was a sensation, they say,
And he danced with the Bolshoi ballet.
His jetes and plies
Raised shouts, cheers and hoorays.
He was the dance craze of his day.

His troupe flew to El Tropicale
Performing at a dancer's rally
A wheel from the roulette
Caught Badini mid-jet--
And made the dance his grande finale.

At Badini's funeral wake
The dancers did weep, wail, and shake
For he went at his peak
And in fact, in mid-leap;
His Swan Lake did its final take.

  Now Day of the Dead is his venue
And sugar skulls head up the menu.
The dancer Badini
Is now Skeletini
Dancing in the great now and then-u.

Skeletini is available on etsy.   

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