Monday, May 7, 2012

Me a Swan? Aw... Go On!

by Frank Loesser

There once was an ugly duckling With feathers all stubby and brown And the other birds said in so many words Get out of town Get out, get out, get out of town 

And he went with a quack and a waddle and a quack In a flurry of eiderdown That poor little ugly duckling Went wandering far and near But at every place they said to his face Now get out, get out, get out of here And he went with a quack and a waddle and a quack And a very unhappy tear 

All through the wintertime he hid himself away Ashamed to show his face, afraid of what others might say All through the winter in his lonely clump of wheat Till a flock of swans spied him there and very soon agreed You’re a very fine swan indeed! 

A swan? Me a swan? Ah, go on! And he said yes, you’re a swan Take a look at yourself in the lake and you’ll see And he looked, and he saw, and he said I am a swan! Wheeeeeeee! 

I’m not such an ugly duckling No feathers all stubby and brown For in fact these birds in so many words said The best in town, the best, the best The best in town Not a quack, not a quack, not a waddle or a quack But a glide and a whistle and a snowy white back And a head so noble and high Say who’s an ugly duckling? Not I! Not I!

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  1. This is lovely. I have always loved this story, and your swan tells it to perfection! Thanks!

  2. How beautiful! I dig your vibe, Chick!