Monday, May 9, 2011

Building a Better Mermaid Through Science... and Comments. CONTEST!

I've been trying to make a mermaid from beads.  This pursuit, I would like to point out, is no more foolish than, say, a mermaid trying to live life on land.

It hasn't been a whole lot more successful, either.  I started a few months ago, and came up with this.

And, while they look kind of like mermaids up close (okay, so I've never been close to a REAL mermaid, but you know what I mean), from a distance of, say 1 foot away, it's hard to tell.

So I tried again, using color, and some large pieces.  You can see this mermaid in the bracelet I made.

But her boobs look like her hips... which is something I try to avoid in daily life.  So this week I got some more beads (yes, I am going to enter a Bead 12 Step Program very soon), and came up with this mermaid:

I really like the articulated tail.  But, as Son Josh pointed out, the crystal at the top (which I matched very nicely, don't you think??) looks like the head, and then the Opalite head becomes the boobs, and, and, and...

Still, the tail is nice.  I like the tail.

So here's the thing.  I am determined to make a cool mermaid.

A bead one.  But clearly I need help and guidance.

So please share your thoughts with me in the Comments section.  At the end of the week (Monday, May 16th at 12:01 AM PDT) Uncle Buck (who has never seen a mermaid) will go to the Comments section and pull two names.  Those two lucky Commentators will each win one of my Work-in-Progress Mermaids (as seen above) and I will try, try again to make a mermaid that looks like a mermaid, whatever a mermaid looks like.  And the winners will get a set of the new mermaids, too, made better through their comments.

So let the comments begin! (For the record, that's not a mermaid Uncle Buck is wrestling.  It's a bizarre indestructible dog toy I got on sale at because, really, who buys dog toys at


  1. Maybe you could try I bet that will work! Hanna

  2. I like the shell shapped bead in the first try as the hips, then maybe the longer blue bead in the 3rd one as the legs with the tail arch part as the tail. For the boobs I'd go with one of the bicone shaped ones with a slightly smaller round bead for the head. Not that things turn out anywhere like I see them in my head lol

  3. i don't know if i can put this into words correctly- i could DRAW it...but i wondered if there is a way to get two small round beads next to each other horizontally to look like boobs...i see the head- a spacer- the two boob beads- then a long bead two small round beads as the upper part of the tail and then the wire and tail fins as you have in the last picture....dunno if that helps at

  4. Try an oval pink bead for a head, a bar spacer with 3 holes and 2 pink rice beads on either side for arms, an hourglass pink bead for a torso, a blue or green elongated teardrop, point down for a tail and the crescent that you've been using for the fins.

  5. Okay. I want to try all of these. So hang in there while I experiment some more. I'll have mermaids for all of you soon!

    Keep those suggestions coming!

  6. Just finished a new mermaid... and I made one for each of you. Pls. contact me with shipping info. You can leave it as a comment. It won't show up (unless I okay it, and I wouldn't okay any with personal info.)