Friday, March 22, 2013

This is What Happens When You Go to a Monkey for Advice

by Shel Silverstein

Well, once the world was full of monkeys,
A long time ago.
And elephants with big long trunkies,
A long time ago.

And the elephants swarm in the Zazafram Sea,
And the monkeys swung from the zilibum tree,
And life was silly as it could be
A long time ago.

One day the elephant was feelin' spunky,

A long time ago.
So he went to have a talk with the monkey,
A long time ago.
And the elephant said, "oh Lordy me,
I think I'm in love with the bumblebee.

Do you think she's a little too small for me?"
A long time ago.

Now the monkey said, "You're thinking like a donkey,

A long time ago.
She's kinda small and you're sorta chunky,
A long time ago.

So sit right down upon my knee.
I'll tell you why your love can never be.
It's a physical impossibility,
A long time ago."

Now the elephant's tears went plinkety plunky,

A long time ago.
And he went home to pack his trunkie,
A long time ago.

He said, "I see that bee was not for me."
So he went and he married a little gray flea,

And they were as happy as they could be,
And they had children -- one, two, three,

But if you want to know how, please don't ask me,
It was a long time ago.

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