Monday, March 11, 2013

Og the Leprechaun's Happily Ever After Story

Remember the story of Og the Leprechaun, in Finian's Rainbow?   Did you miss him?  Here he is... along with Susan.

Finian McLonergan emigrated from Ireland to the town of Rainbow Valley in Missitucky with his daughter Sharon, intent on burying a stolen pot of gold in the shadows of Fort Knox, believing that it will grow and multiply. Hot on their heels is Og, a leprechaun intent on recovering his treasure, before the loss of it turns him permanently human. 

In the ultimate happy ending, Sharon marries the handsome, cocky young Woody Mahoney; and Woody's mute sister, "Susan the Silent", acquires the power of speech and falls in love with Og, who decides that being human is not so bad after all.

This is Og and Susan, who is silent once more.  Hard as I tried, I could not make her earring speak.  Og, as you see, has not totally abandoned his leprechaun roots, and sometimes he still croons:

When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love 
(E.Y. "Yip" Harburg / Burton Lane)
(Og's Song... Before Committing to Susan)

Oh my heart is beating wildly
And it's all because you're here.
When I'm not near the girl I love,
I love the girl I'm near.

Ev'ry femme that flutters by me
Is a flame that must be fanned.
When I can't fondle the hand I'm fond of,
I fondle the hand at hand.

My heart's in a pickle,
It's constantly fickle
And not too partickle, I fear.
When I'm not near the girl I love,
I love the girl I'm near.

What if they're tall and tender?
What if they're small and slender?
Long as they've got that gender
I surrender!

Always I can't refuse 'em
Always my feet pursues 'em
Long as they've got a bosom
I woos 'em!

I'm confessing a confession
And I hope I'm not verbose
When I'm not close to the kiss that I cling to,
I cling to the kiss that's close
As I'm more and more a mortal
I am more and more a case.
When I'm not facing the face that I fancy.
I fancy the face I face.

For Sharon I'm carin',
But Susan I'm choosin'
I'm faithful to whos'n is here.
When I'm not near the girl I love,
I love the girl I'm near.

Og and Susan were hand-crafted by Gus of Florida Lampwork.

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  1. Og and Susan are a is the song! I am loving, loving my new shamrock charm. Too beautiful for words or song!
    Thanks, Brinkley