Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Kitty Piku for Pi Day

A piku is a truncated haiku – as in π = 3.14. And since today is Pi Day (3/14), I had to try.

 Cats don't eat


Look! Tuna pie!

Kitties who eat tuna pie can be found on eBay.

But pi goes on and on... so how about an extended Picu, based on 3.1459265359


3 My kitty

1 eats
4 tuna cupcakes

1 topped
5 with juicy smelt roe.

9 She rolls the roe around and around
2 until

6 the roe have rolled away.

5 Then she looks at me

3 and meows
5 because she has no

9 rolling roe to roll and romp upon.

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