Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knock on Wood

by Shel Silverstein

If you are superstitious you'll never step on cracks. 

When you see a ladder you will never walk beneath it.

And if you ever spill some salt you'll thrown some 'cross your back,
And carry' round a rabbit's foot just in case you need it. 

You'll pick up any pin that you find lying on the ground,
And never, never, ever throw your hat upon the bed, 

Or open an umbrella when you are in the house.
You'll bite your tongue each time you say 

A thing you shouldn't have said.
You'll hold your breath and cross your fingers 

Walkin' by a graveyard,
And number thirteen's never gonna do you any good. 

Black cats will all look vicious, if you're superstitious,
But I'm not superstitious (knock on wood). 

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  1. OMG! How did you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shel Silverstein. I own nearly all of his books! When I was in high school (many many years ago) I was in competitive speech. I used his poetry for competition. They only other author I adore almost as much is Gahil Gibran.

  2. I have many of these cats and they are purrrrrfect.
    Thanks, Brinkley