Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skink or Skunk? (Whatever You Thunk)

by Mariam Kirby (Ranger Rick Magazine)

Since skinks can have stripes down their backs like a skunk,
And skunks have sharp teeth that go snap like a skink's,

The clue to help choose what's a skink from a skunk
Comes from using your nose, which can tell by the stink
Which one's not a lizard and squirts you with gunk.

But if you're confused and your mind's in a kink
'Cause both of these creatures are sharing your bunk,

The rule for behavior is just what you think--
Make friends with the skink, run away from the skunk!

Skunks charms on eBay
Skunk charms on etsy

Skunks on my front porch


  1. Those skunks are cute, but they sure can stink up everything in their path! Love the charms, though!

  2. Your interlopers are so cute, but not as cute as your charms! Thanks

  3. MelissaClyde is right, its sooo cute !!