Thursday, March 3, 2011

There Was a Black Cat...

There was a black cat, name of Inky
Whose personal hygiene was stinky.
He slept in a bed with a gnawed-off mouse head
And slurped it like it was a binky.

 There was a black cat, name of Mo
Whose shedding was designed to show
That if you wore white he could fix it up right
'Til it looked more like crow than like snow.

There was a black cat named Denise
Who refused to desist and decease
With her howling and yowling and her late night prowling,
She gave all the meeces no peace.

There was a fine shop with some kittens
To pay for the feral cats' mittens,
Their shots and their fixes and and all their cat sickses
Because their cat lady was smittens.

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