Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Hare and the Elixir of Immortality


In both the Chinese and Japanese culture, the hare (Chinese, Tu; Japanese, Usagi) is sacred to the moon, where the Taoists believe it lives, mixing together the ingredients that form the elixir of life, or longevity.  


In the Chinese culture, the greatest desire is long life, which prolongs  enjoyment of this world's goods, and ensures receiving the respect paid to old age in a country governed by the maxims of Confucius. Longevity is therefore the first and greatest of the Woo Fuh or " Five Blessings." 

 Legend tells us that the rabbit's fur turns white at the age of 100, and blue at the age of 500.  


When the Chinese goddess Ch'ang-O drank too much of the magical elixir, she floated away to live on the moon, too light to return to earth.  


Year of the Rabbit charm can be found here.  Ch'ang-O can be found on the moon.

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