Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attack of the Zombie Snowmen!

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself at ground zero on Snowman Z-Day, the following survival tips may increase your chances of staying alive.

Always Aim For The Head

A sure fire way to put down a Zombie snowman permanently is to destroy the brain.


When choosing a weapon, fight the urge to get a gun only designed to impress your friends or one that's too heavy.  A blow-dryer is good.  Photobucket

A cordless blow-dryer is even better.


Stay Away From Windows

So you have found some shelter and your fellow survivors are discussing what to do next. Don't stand next to the idiot standing with his back to the unsecured window.



If you can't run, consider using a toboggan... Photobucket

And keep in mind... zombie snowmen aren't very fast, due to their lack of legs.


Hit The Road

Fact: Zombie snowmen like the city.  There's more to see there and more people to eat.


As soon as you think something strange might be happening,  pack up and move to the countryside. Find a nice field.  Avoid forests.  Zombie snowmen love to sneak up on victims in the forest.  Now... become a farmer and wait for it all to blow over.


Never say 'I'll be right back'

The first person to say 'I'll be right back' always gets eaten. Keep your wits about you, stay with other people and if you find yourself alone – find someone! Remember the saying safety in numbers? Just check they aren't already zombies.


Act like a Zombie Snowman

A very cunning way to avoid being eaten by a Zombie snowman is to act like one yourself! The vacant stare, drooling an incoherent mumbling will make you fit in with any real zombie snowmen that break into your home.



Decapitation is another sure fire way to kill a Zombie snowman.


Get Creative

So you ran out of battery power on your blow dryer?  It's time to get creative. Anything that generates heat is effective.


Don't Be A Hero

A good way to survive zombie snowman attacks is to give them something else to chase down and eat – your friends. If you're in a crowd of people, stand in the middle. Just remember it's better to come up with the ideas and lead the group than to just be a follower. It's the person at the back of the group during chase scenes that gets eaten first.


If You Get Bitten Keep It A Secret

So while fighting off that last wave of the undead snowmen with your bare hands, you took one for the team. Luckily for you it was somewhere easy to conceal. It's only a flesh wound.


Wait Until The Whole Thing Blows Over

Lock the doors, build a fire in the hearth, and wait for it to all blow over.


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