Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When the Sardine Begin the Beguine


Remember the song "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid?  You know...

The newt play the flute
The carp play the harp
The plaice play the bass
And they're soundin' sharp.
The bass play the brass
The chub play the tub
The fluke is the duke of soul


They ray he can play
The lings on the strings
The trout rockin' out
The blackfish she sings
The smelt and the sprat
They know where it's at
An' Oh. That blowfish blow

Well, the sea creatures on this bracelet are the ones who sang back-up.  They played the steel drums, too, but those aren't on the bracelet because they're hidden behind giant clam shells.


You'll see the smelt and the sprat, the blowfish, the plaice...  You'll also find a dolphin who sings tenor, four seahorses who are tone-deaf and merely dance like some back-up singers of old, some sea turtles who sing bass, two starfish who just want to be stars, and two Kissing Fish.


Kissing Fish are quite rare and are never found in captivity.  If they were, they'd be kissing everyone and everything, and no one would be able to blow bubbles or swim.


The group hasn't worked much since The Little Mermaid came out, but they've been working on a demo.  It's almost ready and soon you'll be seeing their faces everywhere.


The pressed glass fish, by the way, are songwriters, and a lot of their new tunes are on the demo.  Their reasoning was sound: if they kept singing Disney hits, they'd have to pay a lot of royalties.  Better to perform their own work.

So keep an eye out for them.  (The porcelain dolphin is handling PR.)

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  1. You do not even need to be a fan of The Little Mermaid to love these little fishes! Love the kissing earrings too! Thanks Cornerstoregoddess. As Mr. Magoo would say....Ahhh, you've done it again!