Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why It's Great to be a Goldfish

I read somewhere that goldfish have a memory that is three seconds long.  Three seconds.  That's just... HEY!  Who are you?


That means that, you give a goldfish a nice bowl with a castle in it and he'll be entertained forever. He's swimming along and he sees the castle.  "HOLY GOLDFISH FLAKES!" he says.  "Look at that!  A castle!"

He goes to investigate.  Then he loses interest and heads out.  Three seconds later, "HOLY GOLDFISH FLAKES! Look at that!  A castle!"

Eating goldfish flakes could be equally exciting.  "Wow!  Look!  Dinner!"  Three seconds later he spots another flake. "Ooh!  Is it dinner time already? Lucky me!"  And three seconds later, "I'm hungry! Hope the hand made goldfish flakes for dinner!"

My goldfish comes with his own castle.  He felt it would work better that way.  He's on etsy.


  1. Lovely charm! I just love getting your posts in my email! Thank you for the morning smile!

  2. Thanks for stopping in every morning!