Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soup, Glorious Bead Soup

(Please, Sir.  Can I have some more?)

Yes, it's time for Bead Soup.

My beadie new partner is the talented Dyanne Everett-Cantrell, AKA Bead Chick.

She has just started lampworking, and this is her very first focal bead.
It is going to be my focal bead in my Bead Soup creation.

So I've been thinking about what to make with these beadies from Dyanne...
 ... which started me humming...

Soup, glorious soup!
Glass, metal and lucite!
While we're in the loop--
Pearls, shiny and quite bright!
Gems, facets and sugar beads
What next is the question?
We all just want more
Bead bead beadie congestion!

Soup, glorious soup!
We're anxious to try it.
Three bead soups a day --
Our favorite diet!

Just picture a giant focal --
Kiln-annealed and cleaned.
In soup,
Wonderful soup,
Marvelous soup,
Glorious soup.

Soup, glorious soup!
What is there more handsome?
Eyed through jeweler's loupe --
It's worth a king's ransom.
What is it we dream about?
What brings on a sigh?
Piled beads, gems, and chain, about
Six feet high!

Soup, glorious soup!
Bead right through the menu.
What beads will you choose
Pick, string them, and then you
Work up a new appetite.
In this bead group --
The soup,
Once again, soup
Fabulous soup,
Glorious soup.

 Soup, glorious soup!
Now what will it look like --
And blued!
Rolling the bead turnpike
Just thinking of beading that--
Our senses go reeling
One moment of knowing that
Full-up bead feeling!

Soup, glorious soup!
What wouldn't we give for
That extra bit more --
That's all that we live for
That's what we're fated to do
Now let me re-coup
On soup,
Magical soup,
Wonderful soup,
Marvelous soup,
Fabulous soup,
Beautiful soup,
Glorious soup

Stay tuned for the reveal on July 28th!


  1. Lovely soup,Great song.And yes "Please Sir....Can I have some more? " I think is one of my all time favourite lines.So much so that my friends back in Aus called me Oliver LOL Love and Hugs to you

  2. That's a fun batch - I'm sure you'll have no trouble coming up with a sweet design with those. Especially love the silver pieces!

  3. What fun beads you have to work with! I have been waiting to see what the new "batch" would be this time. Your last masterpiece is still a huge hit with me, and all who see it. Let the fun begin!

  4. Ooh! How exciting! I can't wait to see what you do!