Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Happier Happiest Elephants (and a Sad One)

Happy etsy elephants

Happy eBay elephants

And here's a less happy elephant:

It's Hard to Be an Elephant
By: Jack Prelutsky

It's hard to be an elephant,
enormous, broad and tall.
I can't attend the cinema,
the seats are all too small.
It's practically impossible
for me to board a bus,
the tired often flatten,
and the driver makes a fuss.

I'm ushered out of luncheonettes,
the waitresses are rude.
They fume, "We cannot feed you,
for you'll finish all our food."
I'm drawn to the piano,
but I'm daunted when I play,
I tend to be ungainly,
and my ears get in the way.

My trunk is far too powerful,
no sooner do I sneeze
than windows crack and shatter
from the impact of the breeze.
I'm plagued by a peculiar,
purely pachydermal plight -
I find no socks and underwear
that fit precisely right.

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