Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Chicken Who Laid the Golden Egg

You've all heard the tale of the goose who laid the golden egg, and even the bird who laid the blue eggs.

This, however, is the chicken who laid the golden eggs.  (She's a distant relative of the aforementioned goose, but they never actually met.)

At one time she was held captive by the Giant who lived in the beanstalk.

But then it was Jack-to-the-Rescue.  At least, that's the way Jack told it.  The chicken thought it involved a bit of petty thievery, but it did get her away from the Giant, for which she was grateful.

She was so traumatized that, for a while, she didn't lay any eggs.  But eventually she got back on her feet.  After a brief stay with Jack and his mother, she moved out, anxious to be on her own.  She did quite well in the jewelry district and eventually built up a nice little nest egg.

With that, she opened a cage-free cruelty-free chicken ranch, where chickens were free to roam and peck and cluck and get their feathers ruffled.

She taught classes on golden egg laying so more chickens could be self sufficient.

She also taught a self defense class.  

"You never know when you'll meet up with a Giant," she always cautioned.

This replica of her, in lampwork glass, can be found on etsy.  The bead was created by Lauren Bramble of Crowbirdie beads.  She never met a chicken she didn't like.


  1. Love your story, so fun. AND...love those chicks!

  2. Love your newsletters and blog - they always brighten my day!

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