Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's on Your Bead Table or Building a Well Behaved Cat

Grateful Artist Lisa Lodge, of Pine Ridge Treasures, had a brilliant idea for a blog hop.  Take a bag of treasures from her bead table and create.

Her rules stated that you should not buy extra piece for your piece.  If you needed more beads, draw from your own bead table.  I have been banned from actually showing my bead table... which has more than enough for 50 or 60 pieces. but I didn't go there.  Instead I stuck to my Lisa bag, which was full of goodies, as you can see.

And while I could see one of y jam-packed charmed bracelets easily emerging from her treasures, I decided to pursue a different path.  The Road Not Taken, to quote Robert Frost.

(Works well with the bead colors, doesn't it?)

Two beads leaped out at me.  Those who know me can easily determine which those were.

Yep.  Two kitty heads.

A while back the talented Tanya Boden sent me a beaded skeleton that so inspired me that, of late I've been playing around making Frankenstein's Monster, and Pumpkin Headed Creatures, and Mummies, so I thought... why not make a cat?

I started with the head, which I set off with the rondelle shaped beadies.  Isn't she pretty?

I got kind of carried away with the neck, because there were so many fun beads to play with,  So Kitty ended up with a very long neck and some elegantly waving arms.

At this point, I decided she was the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn... which got me humming "Moon River."

Next came Audrey's torso. A double-drilled bead works best for the torso, but those are hard to find... even on my overflowing bead table.  So I went with a single-drilled bead.  I chose this magnificently swirly bead.

Then of course I needed arms, with some Hepburn-appropriate paws. And some nice long legs...

And, of course, a divinely elegant (and twisty) tail.

 Voila!  Audrey Hepburn Kitty.


I was going to make a friend for her, but didn't have quite enough leftover beads for the job.  So she'll have to go somewhere where she'll get plenty of attention... like perhaps your home.

Audrey Hepburn Kitty is going free to a good home.  Would you like her?  She's litter-box trained and doesn't shed.  

To win her, all you have to do is leave a comment saying you want Audrey, and become a Follower on my blog.  If you're already a Follower, just say so in your comment.  And, of course, visit some stops along the Blog Hop.  You'll find the path below, and there will be all sorts of treasures to see... but probably no other Audrey Hepburn Kitties. 

All together now... "Moon River, wider than a mile... " ♪♫

The "My Bead Table Blog Hop"

Your Host: Lisa Lodge

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  1. I love Audrey cat that is so cool! I am following your blog .
    Thanks, Chandra

  2. I've enjoyed a couple of your posts by following facebook links, but I follow now too. We'd love to have the Audrey Hepburn kitty at our house. What a clever creation....There's such a lot of world to see...thanks for the song in my head.

  3. Love that kitty. Would love to win her for my sister who loves cats. Am a follower of your blog. Moon River, wider than a mile.....

  4. She is so cute! Can she carry a tune, like Audrey? If she came home to me, she will be the first cat here. Very inspiring piece.

  5. She's so pretty! And somehow, I wasn't already following your blog, but I am now! :) Dobby and Buttercup would LOVE to have Ms. Audrey come stay! lol!

  6. Oh! I love Audrey Hepburn Kitty! I miss my kitties. I'm a new follower via GFC (Kimmie/Nola). I can't wait to see the rest of the blogs! Thank you for a chance to win this lovely kitty.

  7. Eleanor - I knew you would make something really original, and by golly you did! Audrey is one pretty kitty! I randomly assigned those kits, so it is a happy coincidence that you got the one with the kitties - yay! Thanks so much for being in the hop.

  8. I *love* your kitty. Making a little Audrey kitty doll is just a fantastic idea. While I am usually a dog person, I would make an exception for this cutie. :)

  9. Wow - this is so cute - I love it! Those kitty beads would have stopped me in my tracks! Such originality - super cool. I'm diggin' on the skulls that I see in your stash she sent....those would be cool to use like this, too!! Especially at this time of year!

  10. What a fun Audrey Hepburn kitty - such a great idea! I love the whimsical feel she has, and her coloring is just plain yummy. Great job!

    :) Molly

  11. My first kitty was so thin one friend dubbed her the Audrey Hepburn of cats. named this adorable kitty very well! I am a life-long follower....well almost! ;-)
    Thanks, and what fun with your adorable kitty!!!

  12. Ithink I'm following now!I am amazed by your work - especially the new kitty!!She is so beautiful - love the jewels!!

  13. Hello Eleanor! Love the Audrey kitty! She is sooooo cute! She would be a great addition to my kitty collection! You always make the most creative things. I'm wearing your candy corn earrings now and it's almost that time of year to break out the peppermint candy earrings too. Love your jewelry. I get alot of compliments. You know your Audrey kitty would have a great home at my house with my cats Cheetos, Girlie, Chuckie, Steve, Big Head and Pearly. Always room for one more cat! LOL

  14. What a great idea - Audrey Hepburn - I love your creativity and own your pink spider necklace - thank you

  15. Hi Eleanor: I'm still enjoying your newsletters and reading your blog. Your Audrey Kitty is fabulous! She would make a great companion for my spiders:) Hope you enjoy a Happy Halloween:)

  16. Eleanor, Audrey is Purrrrfect!!!

  17. Oh how I would love to wear this!! One of my all time favs!!

  18. Hey Eleanor. Audrey is fantastic and would look great in my kitchen window!

  19. OOOOH! I would love to give Audrey kitty a new home! Especially since no litter box is required! My dogs will apreciate it too. ;-)

  20. Audrey Hepburn looks ready for "Breakfast @ Tiffany's"!

  21. Love your whimsey way with words!