Saturday, April 23, 2011

Butterfly Musings and a Chance to Win Butterfly Earrings

Of all species of butterfly,
Of all the types who flutter by:

Nymphilidae, Hesperidae,
Lycaeridae, there’s more, I say…


Monarch, peacock, swallowtail,
Painted Lady, Painted Male …

Their colors rival rainbow hues
With reds, greens, oranges, and blues.

And yet these Lepidoptera
(in colors quite show stop-tera)

Are color-blind. They only see
Red, yellow, green. (Those colors three.)

Which means our insect stud won’t notice
Femmes all tarted like a lotus.


He’d never know if future mate
Had changed wing-color for their date

Or if some Lepidoptera
Wore colors quite show stop-tera.


But when approaching traffic lights
On sunny morns or murky nights


A butterfly would always know
To slow, to stop, and then to go.

Bracelet and earrings right here.

Now about that chance to win these...

...all you have to do is leave a comment.  Then, on April 29th, 2011, at 5 PM PDT, Gilda (who is a big fan of butterflies)...

... will dip her paw into the beaded hat and pull out a winner.  Be sure to leave contact information with your comment (website, email, etc.) so Gilda and the butterflies can find you.


  1. These beauties are just wonderful and I love the colors. What a way to welcome spring. My order is in and I can't wait to see them. Thank you. Thank you! Hanna

  2. Hi Guilda & Eleanor. Well done on all the pretty butterflies and the new Carnelian. I know they must flutter and catch the light. Most cool!!

  3. Lovely! I love butterflies! Hugs, Gunilla

  4. Oh Guilda my Guilda
    your butter does fly
    reaching up to the sun
    and kissing...the sky

    fly down little butter
    come rest on my palm
    a butterfly kiss
    will make us all calm

    e e brinkley

    P.S. Forgot to say those butterflies are GRRREAT.

  5. I cannot wait for my butterflies to arrive. And, BTW, my new egg earrings and Easter bracelet are a huge hit! Thank You!


  6. Your butterflies are all stunning -and as colorful as the ones that cover my back! I'm anxiously awaiting this year's first Monarch sighting :)


  7. So after vising your Ebay page I had to comment on your Luna story in the gorgeous butterfly charm bracelet auction. Last summer I was at a graduation party where a guy was going to kill a Luna that had been hanging out on his mother's screen door for over 2 days. I gently slid my finger underneath it and placed it on my shoulder. It remained there for the walk back to my car, the 2 mile ride home and then grace my screen door with it's presence for a couple more days before venturing off :) My family was in awe!

    ~Marni (again!)

  8. Kill a Luna?!?! Noooooooo! So glad you rescued it.

  9. Pssst! Pretty
    Gilda! Over here! Pick me, pick me! I really love Eleanor's exquisite butterfly treasures and would love to win some! xxxooo Mary Beth

  10. As always, love your creations Eleanor. I love the clear one - reminds me of Lalique.

  11. Eleanor, love the butterflies!!! But then I love everything you do! My collection is growing and growing. gayle

  12. Gilda has spoken! The winner is Gunilla! Hooray for Gunilla. These butterflies are about to migrate all the way to Finland.