Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Witch's Broom

There once was a witch of Khartoum,
With black cats and bats, and of whom
She asked, “Tell me truly
Why my spell’s unruly?
I can’t cast a spell in a tomb!”

Her potions were fetid and foul;
The very scent made the cats howl.

No deeds she predicted,
Her powers restricted,
She almost threw in the dish tow’l.

“If only, if only,” she cried,
“I had a broom like others ride,
I could cast spells, stir potions,
Pursue witchly notions,
And broadcast my powers worldwide.”

For days did the witch snarl and fume,
Stomping about in her room
Until owl, bat, and cat
Had enough of all that
And convened in the witch's boardroom.

“A broom is what’s needed, and now,

Though we’re lacking in skill and know-how.
With a magical mopper
Then nothing could stop her,”
So did all the animals vow.

They made it of brambles and twigs, 
Of leaves, string and supple green sprigs.

They added in straw,
Woven with the cat’s claw,
And claimed ‘twas the broom of bigwigs. 

The witch who was witchly distressed
Saw the broom and was duly impressed.
So sure of its magic
She stopped acting tragic
And did a trial ride heading west.

Now potions and spells she prepares.
“She’s the best,” her fat bat declares.

"The queen of bewitching
Without flub or hitching."
“All due to my broom,” the witch swears. 

There is also a set of asymmetrical earrings. You never know what mood each ear will be in.  


The black cat photo is the work of the extremely talented Warrior Princess Di, and is her cat Tim.  

Please visit her blog to see more:

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  1. Love your poems, this one made me smile! Bracelet and earrings made me think of campfires, s'mores and sweaters! (wishing for sweater weather since it's been close to 100 all week!)

    Angi Mullis

  2. LOL the black cat picture is my cat :)

    1. ...And i do not see any attribution for use of the image. Could you kindly have this updated?

    2. So sorry for my slow response. A great shot, and I have attributed. He is a beautiful cat!