Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Name is Rhino. I'm a Feline Kleptomaniac.

My name is Rhino.  I am a Feline Kleptomaniac.  The furless one spends a lot of time in my room.  She plays with BrightandShinyThings like those turquoise nuggets.

I like to play with BrightandShinyThings.  And she has so many.  Little bits of carnelian.

Nuggets of Baltic Amber.

Little shiny rolling pieces of jasper.

Pieces of Chalcedony just the right size for dropping down the floor heater.

The rest I keep in my bed.  She thinks I never leave my bed, except to eat and poop.  But when she's gone, I get up and stretch and help myself to anything that's out.  Or anything in a plastic bag.  Okay.  Anything.

Then she sells them and goes crazy looking for them.  The bearded one tells her she needs a better organizational system.  She probably does.  But it's too late.  Because now those pieces are mine.  All mine!

(Insert evil cat laugh here.)




The furless one would like to point out that these BrightandShinyThings are available in her etsy shop. Actually, they're in my bed.  Maybe she'll find them on Laundry Day.  Or not.


  1. Ha! Ha! I just spent the better part of yesterday hunting for one of my ink drawing pens...and found it next to the catnip mouse...hmmmm

  2. ARGH! They've unionized. It's a Kitty Klepto Convention!

  3. HA HA HA Love the antics of Rhino...even if it causes you grief now and then. Fabulous gems too!! Thanks