Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ballad of a Boneless Chicken

by Jack Prelutsky

I’m a basic boneless chicken,
Yes, I have no bones inside,
I’m without a trace of ribcage,
Yet I hold myself with pride,
Other hens appear offended by my total lack of bones,
They discuss me impolitely
In derogatory tones.


I am absolutely boneless,
I am boneless through and through,
I have neither neck nor thighbones,
And my back is boneless too,
And I haven’t got a wishbone,
Not a bone within my breast,
So I rarely care to travel
From the comfort of my nest.


I have feathers fine and fluffy,
I have lovely little wings,
But I lack the superstructure
To support these splendid thing.
Since a chicken finds it tricky
To parade on boneless legs,
I stick closely to the hen house,
Laying little scrambled eggs.


Boneless chicken right here.

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