Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have a Greeny Halloweeny

Frankenstein's green.
Dracula's blue.
Can ghosts be white
If you see them clear through?


Most jack o' lanterns
Are first pumpkins orange.
As pump-lets they're green,
Then develop some more tinge.


Black owls are black.
So are black bats.
But witches on broomsticks
Want black balanced cats.

Spiders are green
And yellow and brown.
The black and bright red one's
One of great renown.


Candy corn's orange
And yellow and white
And tastes pretty awful
'Til Halloween night.

Witches display
In a whole range of hues.
Being bewtitching
Each witch gets to choose.


Skeleton bones:
Shades of gray, yellow, white.
Some even show as


This Halloween bracelet
Was made multi-color
Because if it weren't
It would be multi-duller.

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