Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican

...his beak can hold more than his bellican.


I really want to go wash pelicans.  Thousands of them.  But I can't.  So I made a bracelet all about healing and strength, with three blissful pelicans, and will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras, Louisiana, where they are caring for and cleaning oil-covered birds.


I'm not listing this on ebay or etsy.  I don't want to split the money with ebay and PayPal and MissionFish.  I want it to all go to the Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


Brown Pelicans were designated endangered in 1970 and delisted in 1985 in Florida, Alabama and the Atlantic coast.  They're endangered again.  And while I've heard that BP is paying toward the pelican rescue effort, I'd like to send the center some money that's clean.


You could wear this bracelet with great pride.  Email me if you want it.  It's $100.  I will send you an invoice, which you can pay by check or money order.  You will receive a bracelet you can wear with pride, and you can help rescue pelicans.  I will send you proof that the entire amount has gone to the Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


It has pelican charms of blue goldstone and sterling silver.  There are bead charms of sodalite, blue goldstone, chryophrase, and sky quartz, with Swarovski crystals and bead box treasures. 

Blue goldstone is thought to be a powerful energy generator.

Chrysophrase, called the Stone of Venus, has traditionally symbolized happiness and is a powerful stone that brings good fortune and prosperity.

Sodalite brings inner peace. It is the stone of athletics, believed to stimulate endurance. Which these pelicans need.

Sky quartz, a blue form of aventurine, is a powerful healer, often called "Healer of the Heart and the Soul." 


The bracelet is approximately 7-3/4" (19.69 cm) in length and closes with a sterling and copper toggle clasp.  The beads are wire-wrapped with sterling silver wire, onto a sterling silver chain.  The sterling charm is attached with a sterling split ring.  There is a bead to protect you (and pelicans) from the evil eye.  I can lengthen or shorten it according to your needs.

While we can't all go out and clean up the water and rescue the sealife, we can hopefully do something.


Two pelican poems for you:

The Romance-- Shel Silverstein

Said the pelican to the elephant,
I think we should marry, I do.
Cause there's no name that rhymes with me,
And no one else rhymes with you.

Said the elephant to the pelican,
There's sense to what you've said,
For rhyming's as good a reason as any
For any two to wed.

And so the elephant wed the pelican,
And they dined upon lemons and limes,
And now they have a baby pelicant,
And everybody rhymes.

A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican
by Dixon Lanier Merritt

A wonderful bird is the pelican,

His bill will hold more than his belican,

He can take in his beak

Enough food for a week

But I'm damned if I see how the helican!


  1. Great cause! Beautiful bracelet!

  2. Thanks, Sus! And thanks for cross-posting.

  3. Like you, I've felt terrible sorrow as I've viewed photos of oil covered birds, fish, crabs, and other sea life! These sufferings and deaths are such a travesty! Thank you for doing what YOU can to help the cleaning and rehabilitation efforts!

    Your posted poems took me to a happier frame of mind. I smiled as I read them. Their humor reminded me of the Seuss books, which I've always loved! ~S