Thursday, February 4, 2010

By the Light of the Wolf Moon

According to some Native American tribes of the Northeastern United States, the first full moon of the year is known as the Wolf Moon.

Actually, each full moon has a name. Tribes kept track of the months and seasons by giving a name to each full moon. The name applied to the lunar month that followed, so we are no in the month of the Wolf Moon. A lunar month is 29 days long, so the dates, according to the traditional calendar, shift each year.

The Wolf Moon is called that because, during the cold snowy days, hungry packs of wolves would howl outside the villages.

Since the Wolf Moon deals with two of my favorite themes ~ wolves and moons ~ it was clear that a bracelet was necessary to mark the occasion.

There's a sterling howling wolf at the center

and two wolves carved of opalite flanking him.

There are four full moons: two of pewter

and two of pressed glass.

Between you will find rounds and disks of moonstone, quartz cubes, and opalite ovals.

The wolves on this bracelet aren't really hungry. I gave them itty bitty bags of wolf chow. Honest.

Here are some cool shots of this year's Wolf Moon, which was also the brightest moon we'll see this year.

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