Friday, May 8, 2009

Butterflies Aren't Free. That's Just a Movie Title.

Technically a group of butterflies is called a swarm, or a rabble. But that just doesn't sound right for creatures as light and determined as butterflies. So I made up my own word: Fluttering. Webster's Dictionary, here I come.

The bracelet is jam-packed with butterflies The trick is to find them all, because many are hiding in the petals of flowers, a trick they use in nature, too. (That, and big eye spots that apparently make some birds think they're giant aggressive animals.)

What makes up a fluttering of butterflies? Check the bracelet: Swarovski crystal butterflies, pressed glass butterflies, sterling silver and Thai Karen silver butterflies, and pewter butterflies. They are all fluttering in their jonquil yellow butterfly garden of Czech pressed glass, citrine, chalcedony, Swarovski and fire polish crystals, millefiore hearts, cat's eye beads, and treasures of the bead box.


Now you've all read that email about a butterfly fluttering away, and how you set it free, and all that. Just a little guarantee here: these butterflies aren't leaving. Because they're so happy here? Um, no. They're charms. Remember?


It's because all the charms are attached by sterling silver split rings or wire wrapped onto the chain with sterling silver wire. They can't escape, you don't have to set them free, they don't need to migrate across two continents. They're right where they belong.


On the bracelet.

Temporarily residing at etsy:

Earrings, too.


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