Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thirteen Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

13.  Black is very slimming.  
Hold your black cat next to you and it takes away 10 pounds.

12.  A black cat is a perfect companion for a rousing game of Hide and Seek.

11.  A black cat can help you celebrate your inner Goth.

10. You'll save $$ on their Halloween costumes.

9. You can always find black cats in the snow.

8. You can't tell if they're dirty.

7. Black cats match any decor.

6. A lint brush isn't required for a black-tie affair.

5. In many cultures, black cats are considered lucky.

4. Black cats are like onyx, a beautiful gem.

3. Hey, they don't care what color your hair is!

2. Love knows no color.

And the number one reason to adopt a black cat...

1. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted.

Black Cat Eyeglass Lanyard up for auction on eBay.
Proceeds will be used to buy cat fud.
My cats thank you.

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