Monday, October 27, 2014

Hippo Pliés (and Watch the Flowers)

♪♫ Dancing hippos 

♪♫ In the garden, 

♪♫ Crush the flowers... 

♪♫ (Beg your pardon) 

♪♫ It's not easy 

♪♫ Finding slippers 

♪♫ When your feet are bigger than those of the Clippers. 

♪♫ Pirouette...

♪♫ (and watch the posies) 

♪♫ Arabesque... 

♪♫ (There go the rosies.) 

♪♫ Grand plié 

♪♫ (It's even grande-er than plié you plied the other day).

♪♫ Grand jeté, 

♪♫ (Can't get much grande-er) 

♪♫ Clear the way 

♪♫ To the beyond-er... 

♪♫ As we dance among the flowers 
♪♫ Calling it the Hippo Dancing of the Hours... 


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