Saturday, September 6, 2014

Even Owls Get the Blues: the Blue Fantasy Blog Hop

The lovely Lisa Long, of A Grateful Artist,  was kind enough to include some cool owl goodies in my packet of beads for the Blue Fantasy Blog Hop...

... so while I created my pieces I started to ponder what would make owls blue.

Here's the Top Ten List of Reasons Owls Get the Blues.

10.  Hooter jokes.

9.   Summer solstice.  All that daylight!

8.  When the manicurist runs late at the talon salon.

7.  Posing for a profile shot.

6.  Being told to make some noise flying.

5. Not being able to find earrings for their faux ears.

4. When the witch chooses someone else as her familiar.

3. Trying to Facebook with relatives in Antarctica.

2. A stiff neck.

1.  Tofu field mice!

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  1. Hi Eleanor, what a wonderful sense of humor you have. When I read "tofu mice" I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. All three of your designs are beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for the smile on this morning that started way too early. Your owl necklace is the bomb.

  3. Tofu mice - lol! Love your owl creations, Eleanor! The blue rondelle bracelet with owl charm is my favorite. Your blog posts always are so creative. Thanks for being in the hop!

  4. OMG..thank you!...I needed that! After a 'serious' day at work, hurrying to 'fly' home to see how the Hop turned out...your Top 10 List put a smile on my face! :). I love your owlies...the branch owlie is beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous Owl focal, The necklace, beautiful, luv your whimsy

  6. Love your post. I am a huge owl fan and your post made me laugh after a long day at work. I especially love your necklace with the ceramic owl focal.

  7. Very cute creations. I love all your owls!

  8. I am a huge owl fan so I thought your post was a hoot and your jewelry cute. Well done!

  9. I love your Owl theme...all of the pieces are "owlsome"...Perfect combinations

  10. Thanks for the laughs, I love your post. And the owls, and of course all of the beautiful jewelry that you made :-)

  11. what a nice break. i loved the jewelry jokes. All those blue owls staring at me! I'm still laughing

  12. Awesome post! Love the little owl jokes...and the jewelry that went with it. Great job!