Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Witch's 12 Black Cats

The Witch's Twelve Black Cats

It was Mother's Day and the witch's familiars didn't know what to get her. Black roses? A set of potholders for her cauldron? The new "Fifty Ways to Prepare Toad" cookbook?

The pondered and discussed and argued far into the night..., which is when they heard a sound. A tiny meow. In fact, a LOT of tiny meows. 

There, beneath a craggy old oak, someone had left a basket of kittens. And not just any kittens. Twelve beautiful kitties, ranging from dark smoke to jet black.

And the familiars knew that a dozen black cats is better than a dozen roses any day of the week.

Between them they carried the kittens home (after stopping at the7-666 for some kitten formula and baby food). 

The witch was, of course, delighted, and, with the help of her familiars, raised the kittens until they were the finest bouquet of black cats ever seen.

This evil princess-length necklace is 31" inches in length. There are twelve black cats of Czech pressed glass, strung amongst Swarovski pearls and snowflake obsidian rounds. 

Strung on Beadalon and closing with a sterling lobster clasp, the necklace is approximately 31" (78.74 cm) in length.

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