Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Owls to Whom We Refer: Into the Forest Blog Hop

The lovely Lisa Lodge is hosting a blog hop.  It's theme: Into the Forest.

And so into the forest we go...

I started with this mix of beads from Lisa.

I added two owls...

...some sari silk... 

And a poem by Jack Prelutsky...

There's a wide-eyed owl
With a pointed nose,

He has pointed ears,
And claws for toes.

He sits in a tree
And looks at you,

The flaps his wings, and says,

An unassuming owl
Having little else to do

Remarked within the darkness
A discreet and subtle, “Whoooo!”

A self-important owl,
Puffed and pompous in the gloom,
Responded with an overblown,
And condescending, “Whoooooom!”

And the leaves?

I had to leaf them alone.

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  1. I love the poem by Jack Prelutsky. It goes so well with your cute piece. Well done!

  2. Great post!! I love how you wove the poem in with your jewelry. Well done!

  3. I love your vibrant and fun necklace - the poem is the perfect touch!

  4. How beautiful! I love the gorgeous fall colors as well as the poem you shared.

  5. Beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing the poem. I love owls, as you'll see in my post.

  6. Poetry in verse and in beads! Love the owls- so clever. Christie

  7. So funny..loved the poem and how you mixed with the pictures. Awesome!! Thanks.

  8. What wonderful autumn forest colors that you put together in a great necklace. Your addition of the owls is just perfect! I've had a great horned owl sit outside my bedroom window the last few nights, I can hear him hoot to a friend in a tree somewhere close by. I am impressed that you used almost everything in your soup.

  9. Eleanor, I love your sweet design, the irreverant poem and your punny comment at the end :) I personally find it difficult to say "enough" and exclude components. Beautifully done!

  10. I always enjoy your posts. Love the necklace you created, the owls were the perfect addition but I really love that little row of yellow beads in the front.

  11. Beautiful! It does really remind me of a walk in the woods as the leaves are changing colors.

  12. You definitely made me smile: although it should remind me of autumn and changing leaves, I couldn't think of a splendid summer afternoon, in the golden light, deep in the forest, where you can hear the 'Whoo-whooo' of the owls. Wonderful: both your piece and the post!

  13. Thanx for the ♥poem (-: it makes the necklace so 'vivid...' It reminds me of an Indian Summer. Very pretty!

  14. What beautiful pieces you have made from a gorgeous bead mix! I love owls, and the poem is a fun added bonus!

  15. Love this hot color combo. Your design and poem are delightful.

  16. Humor and poetry AND owls -- a winner from top to bottom!

  17. Your blog is fantastic, I really enjoyed it.
    The owls are well incorporated into your design.

  18. I loved reading your blog. And what a lovely design. Love owls as well!!!

  19. Cute poem, and love your owly necklace!

  20. Sweet fun & cool! I always love visiting The Corner Store Goddess! :) The bead mix you received is interesting - I was really surprised. You totally rocked that kit! It's amazing how you created a complete forest in your jewelry art -- one that came to life with the happiness of the beasts! You reflected the sweetness of the forest as a home sweet home with poetry & laughter & the ornery fun of the owls. You brought the forest to life! LOve love love everything. The design -- the stacked discs and agate carved owls open slices of agate -- is smart, and you brought it all together so that the beads are beautiful! Wow, gifted work. Wonderful jewelry art!

  21. Eleanor - I always enjoy your jewelry creations and the poems/stories you pair them with. Your owl necklace is super cool. I love what you did with the disks. Thanks for being in the hop!

  22. I really like your piece. The owls are so cute with this necklace. You did a great job representing all the sunlight and light with the color in the forest.

  23. Eleanor, so pretty!! Yours is the first I came to whose kit wasn't in the green family. The colors are so beautiful! What a great set you've created. Full of Life and Color. Very nice!!

  24. Those yellow disks brought it all together with those ooak owls. Stunning.