Monday, July 1, 2013

Nine Lives to Live

Nine black kitties, swinging on the gate.
One ate a mouse head; then there were eight.

Eight black kitties, channeling Andre Previn;
One hit a sour note.  Then there were seven.

Seven black kitties, "watering" the bricks.
One "watered" Butch, the dog.  Then there were six.

Six black kitties, at the Black Cat Dive.
One did too much 'nip; then there were five.

Five black kitties, fishing by the shore.
One hooked a crabby shark; then there were four.

Four black kitties, climbing up a tree.
One took up with a squirrel; then there were three.

Three back kitties, lapping up fondue.
One lactose intolerant; then there were two.

Two black kitties, in the hot hot sun.
One left for sunscreen; then there was one.

One black kitty, sitting all alone
Went back to his kitty lair for tuna and salmon.

Bracelet of nine black cats, up for auction on eBay.


  1. This is adorable on all counts...the poem and the great bracelet! I love that vintage charm. That alone is worth the price of admission! Very, very fun all around.